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Welcome to our Ubiquitous On-Device 3D Intelligence project page!

Students: Chaojian Li, Yonggan Fu, Zhifan Ye, and Sixu Li

In the progressive era of 3D intelligence, we are witnessing a burgeoning demand for immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) applications. These applications, to truly resonate with users, necessitate real-time and instantaneous interactions.

Yet, a significant obstacle remains. The constrained computing and energy resources at the edge starkly contrast with the intensifying computational demands of 3D intelligence models. This disparity presents a profound challenge for achieving pervasive on-device 3D intelligence.

Addressing this quandary requires innovative solutions that balance the need for high computational capabilities with energy efficiency. By delving deep into optimizing models without compromising on performance, we aim to bridge this gap and bring AR/VR applications closer to the hands of users.

Welcome to join us in our mission as we navigate these complexities, refine on-device computational strategies, and champion the next generation of AR/VR experiences. Together, we are shaping a future where 3D intelligence is not just a luxury but an accessible reality for all.

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